Dr Rouen Bruni

About Veritas Health

Dr. Rouen Bruni has been practicing homeopathy for over 20 years. A few years into his practice he began to find that some of the conditions patients were experiencing would be treated well by using combinations of naturopathic medicines, herbs, vitamins and amino acids.

Often the specific combinations he wanted to use were not commercially available, so he started to compound and manufacture the complexes that his research and experience had shown to be most effective and would give his patients the best results.

Over the years the formulations have been refined and the range expanded to include combinations for a wide variety of conditions.

The name “Veritas” was chosen as it means “Truth” and Dr. Bruni’s commitment is to have the complexes contain exactly what the label says in doses that independent research have confirmed to be most effective.

Dr Rouen Bruni

Dr. Rouen Bruni